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First Step Fitness is the new standard in health and fitness. The Team Leaders at First Step Fitness combine a high-intensity, resistance training program that is more effective than just a Crossfit or Boot Camp workout. A First Step workout is done at an upbeat cardiovascular pace in order to incinerate fat while sculpting and toning lean muscle. In the First Step Fitness Gym, workouts blend sprints, free weights, bodyweight isometric exercises, plyometrics and more to push bodies to their limits.

Mike Matuz | Founder

Mike started working as a personal trainer in several different sports clubs while attending college at Chapman University. As a collegiate athlete, he used his sports background to create a variety of innovative training systems for his clients. Mike received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and has garnered several national accreditations in health, fitness, nutrition and wellness. From humble beginnings in 2007 with local college students, Mike has grown First Step Fitness to serve a diverse population of entrepreneurs and emerging young professionals from Orange County, Long Beach and Los Angeles. He has built First Step Fitness into the largest personal and private training gym in Long Beach and is proud to have created a fitness system that is a platform for creating vibrant health and wealth for his clients. It is his goal to not only help his clients physically, but help create strategic business connections among all of his clientele.

Amanda Matuz | CEO

With a great spirit and terrific attitude, Amanda has gained prominence as a top personal trainer. Originally from Orange County, Amanda came to Long Beach after graduating from Chapman University. She possesses an enthusiasm for personal training and fitness inspired by her background in dance, which she has been practicing since early childhood. Along with husband Mike, Amanda founded First Step Fitness to serve a need in fitness that didn’t exist at the time. The goal to provide innovative personal fitness training in small group classes blended the solidarity of team-building workouts with the personal attention needed to ensure members get the most out of their workouts. With Amanda’s efforts, First Step Fitness has rapidly expanded its client base, and many individuals work out at First Step Fitness to train with her. Amanda bases her fitness programs on building a new body from the inside, through dietary changes and hydration, while combining these elements with high-intensity resistance training at a quick pace. Amanda’s passion for training is second to none in the gym and is superseded only by the love for her family and the city of Long Beach.

Erika Gasztonyi | Trainer

A Long Beach native, Erika started training as a client with First Step Fitness at the age of 16. At that very young age, she developed a keen interest in the science of movement and nutrition. That interest soon ignited a passion when she enrolled as a Physical Education major at Chapman University, the alma mater of her mentor Amanda Matuz. Upon completion at Chapman, she is becoming a certified Yoga instructor and a Physical Education coach at Our Lady of Refuge Catholic School in Long Beach. Erika has taken the core principles of FSF and is now forging a new path with her dynamic skill set. She has elevated the FSF arsenal. Make no mistake, she is a force to be reckoned with!

Vishal Kumar | Trainer

Realizing how the human body is able to develop strength, adapt, heal and exceed the mind’s expectations was the basis for Vishal’s interest in health and fitness. Growing up in the Bay Area, his main sport of interest was soccer which he played for club teams and throughout high school. During this time, Vishal began working with a personal trainer and learned both traditional and functional methods of training. While continuing his education at Long Beach State, Vishal wanted to get involved in a competitive sport other than soccer and began to train in jiu-jitsu with the Brazilian top team. Once again discovering that team atmosphere and competitive nature, he felt compelled to pursue an education in health and fitness. Vishal received his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology: Exercise Science in 2011 and since then has been working to share his knowledge to help others through instruction and personal training.

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